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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 20, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning. it is thursday december 20th. we are taking a live look outside this morning outside at the jameswe could see some showers in the bay area later today. let's check in with erica who has a look at our forecast. >> good morning, james is a chilly start. we do have some location you could even encounter some frost. and some high clouds streaming into the north bay. later this evening, harley cloudy conditions and those clouds are really going to ramp up. with really-slow reconditions, later. it--with mid upper
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50s and as we go towards this evening. more rain into the bay area lasting into tomorrow. and if you are leaving your house right now is freezing in napa. 28 degrees and the fairfield. 43 and this san francisco. as we take a look at the satellite and radar picture the wet weather is still to the north. it is not in the bay area just yet but the increase in cloud coverage. the of tech in wind later tonight and of course we have wet weather that will make landfall. the futurecast. mainly through santa rosa, petaluma just a light rain to begin. as we go for overnight this yellow is indicating moderate/heavy. that will
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continue to grow its way south. approaching the golden gate it. everybody will wake up to showers with areas of heavy rainfall for tomorrow. keep your umbrella candy. it is going to be wet with 4 in. of rain fall in the north bay and 1 in.-3 in. everywhere else 54 degrees expected in fairfield. 57 in the pleasanton, vallejo, livermore, your kron 4 7 day around the bay wet weather will stick around into the weekend. it is certainly going to be wet. but the good news is that the temperatures are not that bad. with low 40's. as we go for this monday, the slight possibility of rainfall. however, sunshine possible for the afternoon. mostly
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sunny skies for christmas day. and in terms of traffic? it is quiet there is roadwork but it is finding so far, no delays. here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza and note issues. traffic looking decent out of oakland. with- no issues-. the san mateo bridge, also no problems of the tropic looking good on the approach. 13 minutes. no issues on the bay bridge toll plaza. and still, no slow downs. just 22 minutes out of novado into the city. james? >> san francisco firefighters battled an early morning fire in the
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noe valley neighborhood. the fire broke out around two a-m. in the 14-hundred block of sanchez street near 27th street. it was contained about 15 minutes later. no word yet on how bad the damage was or if there were any injuries. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> police are continuing to investigate materials that were found stored in a san mateo home. police and fire officials detonated the materials found in the home in the 400 block of parrott drive. authorities say the materials were not stable to move without potential of explosion and evacuated the block while warning other residents. the san mateo county bomb squad was also called into the scene. >> there were a lot of chemicals. we were concerned after we spoke with the sheriff's office, there was ether and an asset that had to be taking care of on-site it was too dangerous to transport. and in acid. >> you felt the explosion
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and you felt the shock. the neighbors across the street could also fuel the repercussions. >> there were no injuries from the explosion. and police have not yet released any more information about the explosive materials. >> sheriff's deputies in santa clara are searching for the gunman. who fired shots at a marine recuiter's car on highway- 85 in cupertino. police shut down highway- 85 for hours after the car, driven by a marine, was stuck by gunfire. these are additional pictures from sky-7-h-d a- b-c-7 news. you can see lanes backed up in cupertino near de anza boulevard. although the car was shot multiple times, the recruiter was not hurt. the marine continued south for about a mile before pulling over and calling 9- 1-1. >> i was driving on the highway with the music and a boom, boom. i heard five, seven shots. and i did not
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even bother to look i was scared and i stepped on the gas. that sound may have been the shots that were fired at the marine on highway 85. you can see from sky-7-h-d from a-b-c-7 news, that investigators gathered evidence for hours. the marine was in an unmarked government vehicle. but we're told he may have been followed from a gas station. no arrests have been made. >> and not too far away. sunnyvale police have called off the search for a burglary suspect. earlier their search resulted in a school being locked down in cupertino. teams of officers with dogs. scoured a neighborhood off homestead road near cupertino village. for one of three suspects in connection with some recent home burglaries. two other men were arrested after a brief chase. police say they found jewelry and several wrapped gifts in their car. as a precaution, the "good samaritan church preschool" was locked down for several hours. the church pastor says, the children were never in any danger. >> nearly one week since the tragic shooting at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut, the
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community is coping with a steady stream of funeral processions. rene marsh has the story from newtown. >> another day brings heartbreaking funerals in a town try to figure out how to heal. >> the teachers in the sandy hook are struggling. >> thursday, more children including a six year-old will be laid to rest. they bid farewell to 27 year-old, victoria soto (music) >> paul simon, a family friend of soto perform " sound of silence" wednesday night, 3000 people gathered at western connecticut university for a tribute to the victims. the tragedy has
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been national debate over gun control. president obama is pledging to take action. the newtown united, a new form a group is calling for sensible gun legislation. >> we have 20 children that we are burying. >> we have learned that the day before her death, she just returned from a short trip to a luxury resort in new hampshire. in recent years she felt comfortable about leaving her son at home non-supervised. >> we're all going to continue to keep you updated with chilly conditions in the north bay. mid upper 20s. the thermometer, showing 26 decreased it is called we will be back. .
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it is cold 26-degrees..
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>> welcome back. processions. taking a look at the markets this futures indicate the nasdaq in the positive, and the dow and the s and p in the negative. stocks end the day down. after little measurable progress was reported in the ongoing budget negotiations in washington. here's a look at yesterdays closing numbers. on wall street. the dow dropped 99-points. after posting 100-point gains over the past two days. both the nasdaq and s-and-p-500 lost 10-points. we'll be watching the stock market all morning index of stories.. >> airplane manufacturer boeing says it's reached a breakthrough in allowing commercial flight passengers to use wireless devices in-flight. and they
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did it -- by using potatoes. take a look at this. boeing used 20-thousand pounds of 'taters to fill the seats of a test aircraft. the spuds simulate the way human passengers would respond to electronic signals for things like wi-fi and mobile phones. boeing says it's learning ways to allow us to use our laptops, tablets and phones in flight without interfering with the plane's navigation equipment. after the flights, the potatoes were donated to a food bank. >> google is selling a part of its motorola mobility division for a whopping two- point- 35 billion dollars. to the arris group. the sale involves motorola's division which makes cable- tv boxes and other home entertainment equipment. if the deal is approved, arris group will take over the division within six- months. google will keep the rest of motorola mobility which makes smartphones and tablet computers. >> a pair of internet mapping services will be tracking santa on his journey this christmas. the norad santa tracker team and microsoft made the announcement yesterday on their twitter feeds. you may know norad, the joint u- s - canadian military operation that monitors north american skies, helps kids follow santa's flight every year. since 2007,
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norad had used google earth. but this year, the guardian reports the tracker is going with bing maps, as google is offering its own competing santa you can follow santa at "norad santa,org", or "google ,com/santa tracker". we will take a break. 4:14. this live look at the oakland to a site of the bay bridge. an easy drive it through the toll plaza and the span.
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>> 4:15 a powerful winter storm is threatening much of the midwest. the national weather service has issued a states.
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natisha lance has more details on how the storm could affect your holiday travel. just ahead on friday, there are of blizzard conditions on the plains of the midwest. the first major storm dropping several inches in colorado. they are maneuvering some icy conditions. 156 miles on 76 east denver was closed. >> what you should start thinking is changing your plans on thursday. >> wiz concert could. the bond with 1 ft. of snowfall and the gusting at 50 mph. -- wisconsin--could get to the-brunt of the snowfall. >> with mistakes made in the past with storm crews out there, the county, the department of transportation, the department of natural resources on all terrain vehicles will be well
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prepared >>reporter: this could be some significant delays so yes, pack your patience. the talk show lance.. >> so far this morning. flights to philadelphia are delayed from s-f-o. some flights to j-f-k have been cancelled, and there is a ground delay affecting s-f-o into chicago o'hare. if you are flying this morning check with your airline for any cancellations. how about taking a look at our storms. >> that could be sometime later this afternoon overnight you could see a messy commute however, for friday morning. the window could be a factor gusting at 40 m.p.h. i will get to details on that but taking a look at current conditions. the james lick and downtown san francisco relatively
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clear. no problems with visibility but there are high clouds. it is a chilly start. there are no frost advisories but it is still cold. freezing in napa and. upper 20s in fairfield, concord. and 43 degrees in half moon bay. it just depends on where you're located it quite a spread and temperatures. for this afternoon, things are going to be about the same with 50s. keeping a close eye on the rainfall and where it is located most of that moisture is offshore. this is quite a significant system. the wind will pick up later tonight towards tomorrow. the futurecast predicts by 8:00 p.m. and some light rain for the north bay. potentially
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crossing the golden gate but it is really going to develop overnight. that rainfall, and in the bay area usually translates to snowfall for the sierras. over 2 ft. of of a 7,000 ft.. most of its will be west of highway no. 89 in. wind between 15-25 m.p.h. tire chain laws could be in theffect. and here is a quick look at temperatures. this cold start 29 degrees and concord. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay wet weather is really going to make its way to the bay area. in fact, showers could continue each and every day. there is a slight chance for showers on monday and tuesday will be dry. temperatures are slowly going to climb. no longer
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hovering near the freezing mark. and that cloud coverage will keep temperatures insulated. >> traffic, no problems or hot spots it is quiet. however, the new rainfall tomorrow could be different. this approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems, no me during likes to deal with. the san mateo bridge, more cars for westbound secured fanned southbound 101 = problem- free. just a couple of cars and as we take a look at our traffic maps. fazan as we slide up the peninsula of rainfall on the sensors is indicating speeds over 50 m.p.h.. >> thank-you. a new report from oakland's city auditor reveals. the city has failed to reimburse people who mistakenly pay twice for
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their parking tickets. the san francisco chronicle reports the windfall was discovered as part of a larger audit of oakland's parking ticket management for the 2010-2011 fiscal year. last year alone, the 316- thousand dollars. city officials claim they did not know about the state law that requires cities to reimburse overpayments. they say from now on, people who overpay will automatically be refunded, but only when the amount in question is two hundred dollars or more. >> vigils this morning for two san francisco teenagers a 17 year-old was a cash dead he was a popular student and football player at concord high school. and a 16 year-old was found on the sidewalk near jennings street. she later died at the hospital. both deaths were in the bayview district. san francisco mayor ed lee wants to find new ways to combat violence in the
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city's bayview district. the response comes after the deaths of two teens last weekend. 17 year old montreal blakely was shot dead saturday night on osceola lane. and 16 year old jaynice johnson was found sunday afternoon on the sidewalk near quesada avenue and jennings street. johnson later died at the hospital. mayor lee suggested finding other tactics to reduce violence. like keeping libraries open later or creating safe places for youth to meet. vigils for blakely and johnson are scheduled for later this morning at the sites where they were found last weekend. after two teens died in the one of two girls who ran away from home in mountain view last week was found in san jose and returned to her family on monday while the other is still outstanding but may also be in san jose, a spokesman for the mountain view police department said. cynthia ramirez, 12, was located by san jose police and taken back home at about 9:18 p.m. on monday, according to mountain view police sgt. sean thompson. the other girl, 14-year-old selena vasquez, remains missing and is believed to be living somewhere in san jose, thompson said. mountain view police reported that the two girls, who though unrelated both view street, left their home shortly before 8 p.m. on friday. both youngsters previously lived in san jose and maintained ties in the city, police said. vasquez is described as hispanic, 5 feet 1 inch tall, 166 pounds
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with brown and red hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a dark purple hooded sweater or sweatshirt and black sweatpants. anyone whereabouts should call mountain police >> this 50 year-old managed to escape his captors he remains at large. this live look from a james freeway looking back and if is the drive. is cold! to 56, later.
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>> earlier, i mentioned that santa clara police are
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searching searching for a third suspect in connection with the kidnapping and assault of a handyman. richard rodriguez jr. is wanted on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment against the victim. rodriguez is described as a 5-foot-8- inch hispanic man. with multiple tattoos on his arms. the 50-year-old male captors at a san jose gas station, leading to the arrest of two other >> cliff might affect your tax returns. if congress fails to reach a deal by december 31-st, as many as 100-million people could see that's because, the income exemption levels under the "wealth tax" or alternative minimum tax. were never adjusted for inflation, since it was enacted decades ago. over the years, lawmakers have consistently passed a "patch". to raise those levels. they have not done the tax filing season begins in two weeks. both sides agree, that a patch is needed, but until a deal is reached, it will not be past. >> take the deal." those words coming from president obama regarding the fiscal cliff. and after making progress earlier this week. president barack obama and house battling it out again. aho dana bash has more. as we have more. >> president obama painted republicans as saying " not
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able to take a deal. >> take the deal. >> they've been able to say that they've work with me over the last two years to reduce the deficit more than any other deficit-reduction program. we are in a position to say that we have a fair deal. the fact that they're not taken it yet is puzzling >>reporter: the republican-the president's call to the republicans out. >> they keep finding a way to say no instead of a saying yes and i do not know how much of that house the to do with... is very for them difficult for them to say yes to me. >>reporter: this is a two trillion dollars package with spending cuts and tax increases. the house
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speaker.. this 1.3 trillion and revenues and a camera $50 billion in spending reductions. it--$850 billion in spending reductions and it fails to meet the promise of a balanced approach >>reporter: with everything going up the thursday vote towards republicans " plan b ". keeping tax cuts in place for households making under $1 million. war? >> he could be responsible for the largest tax increase in history. >> take a live look outside from our roof camera here on the golden gate bridge. light wind but cold. 32 degrees novato and 56 later.
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>> welcome back it is cold out there. jackie jackie sissel is in san rafael come it is for degrees below freezing. and it is 4 de--- four degrees below the freezing mark in dublin, you are going to need to scrape your windshield. we are not even at the coldest part of the morning but we are well below freezing >> yes, that is the unfortunate truth. they could drop a few more degrees at the we could get
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the latest from erica. >> good morning, james fa 50s for this afternoon i am surprised if there was not a freeze morning or defrost advisory. the east bay interior valleys, 28 in fairfield. concord, 29 very similar to yesterday the only difference is that it is not that cold to the heart of the bay. 44 and other areas, and it just depends on where you are. not that bad a latethe big story is the light rain is in a regatta. and a lot of clubs associated in the year rica. you recall ...we could
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see rain in eureka.... the rain chance this will continue to out of the day on friday. wet weather will stick around. in fact by saturday, more inches in the north bay, with one-3 in. anticipated for the bay area. for the afternoon highs? 50s. 59 degrees in oakland. as we take a look get your headlines if there are rain with clouds later. and for this w continue with the potential for wet weather. unstable however, christmas could be mostly sunny skies. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the overnight lows will not be that bad with rain chances each and every day.
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with the exception of christmas with temperatures in the 50s. and traffic with george. >> good morning, a quiet drawing from we have been checking for any issues of vice with a quiet-drive with no issues of--ice. interstate-80/5 eight zero, and the peninsula also looking decent. the nimitz freeway with no delays or backups. fatally shot in san blakely's coaches. ornaments with
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>> a marine veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars has taken up self-imposed duty in front of a central california elementary school in the wake of the connecticut shooting. sgt. craig pusley stood all day on wednesday in fatigues in front of the flag pole at hughson elementary school, just southeast of modesto. he was not armed. pusley, who served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan before leaving active duty last year, told the modesto bee he wanted to be sure all children could go home safe for christmas. he is the father of a 3- expecting another child. "when i enlisted, i swore to enemies, foreign and break. >> at this point. president obama's action comes in the formation of a task force. obama has announced vice president joe biden will lead a team which will present a set of gun control recommendations to mr obama. >> the fact that this is a complex problem is no excuse of not doing anything. the fact that we cannot steadily reduce the violence and prevent the very worst violence. that is why i have passed, the vice president to lead an effort to include outside
4:37 am
organizations and members of the cabinet to compile a list of concrete proposals that i will press through, without delay >> issues likey to be at the forefront. military- style assault weapons, high capacity ammunition clips, and loopholes to get around background checks. the president said he will make very specific proposals once he gets the recommendations next month. on friday.the n-r-a will hold its first press conference since the elementary school shooting. >> california has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation - but some state lawmakers are looking to make them even stronger. several california law makers are saying. it is time to put into place more restrictions on guns. specifically assault weapons like the ones used by the connecticut shooter, adam lanza. >> we currently have a ban on assault weapon frweapon
4:38 am
rifles and california but the gun manufacturers have made modifications to the assault weapons. whereby, you can it not take and easily a magazine out of but by pressing a button, you can easily to that. >> yee adds, another state senator is looking at a proposal that puts restrictions on ammunition. we will follow the latest with that 4:37. this live look from the east bay. temperatures are at or below in the freezing level. there is a little light at the end of the tunnel but bundle of his freezing out there. . (music)
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>> welcome back. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to testify before congress next month about september's deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. clinton's testimony has been up in the air because she has been recovering from a stomach virus and concussion. an exact date has not been set. two deputy secretaries of state will testify today on capitol hill. fallout from the september attack on americans in benghazi that killed four native.ambassador chris stevens. >> there were was a demonstration of lack of leadership and the senior ranking for their security
4:42 am
... >> four state department officials have resigned under pressure. .because of their roles in the deadly incident. these resignations come just after an independent report department was critical of state department leadership.saying security for the americans in benghazi was quote inadequate. 39 degrees in the san jose. we will warm it up to the mid '50s. but you need to buckle up. and bundle up. also, new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live.
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>> welcome back we are following news out of pinole where p-g-and-e is reporting that 2-hundred customers are without power this morning. initially 16-hundred customers were without power earlier. the outage was reportedly caused by a downed power line in the tara hills area of pinole. an investigation into why the power line fell is underway. banstill chilly. it is cold in the north bay valleys and the interior valleys but not that bad. but it--still chilly. and upper 30's and
4:46 am
redwood city. we will warm up as the code for this afternoon with mid upper 50s. and as for goal for this-afternoon and the moisture offshore. that will make its way into the bay area. let us take a look at futurecast. that main band of rainfall to the north and it will increase in intensity. as you wake up expect a messy commute. there is the potential for a rogue wave flooding. with rainfall in the bay, there creek the roadway flooding and a small in these high area country. they're creepy wrote we floodi there could be d where flooding roadways...
4:47 am
30's in fairfield, and as we go towards launch, it looks like everybody is in the 50s. towards lunch. the in.. is with clouds with 57 degrees and fremont, milpitas, san jose. as we take our attention to the east bay, fifty's expected in the san leandro and the north bay, there is a slight potential for a light rain. 56 degrees in the cd your kron 4 7 day around the bay showers each and every day with the exception of christmas day. >> there could be some icy conditions. thankfully, we've not seen any reports but it is possible as the commute progress this. bell hot spots. light conditions
4:48 am
and no-hot spots. the same holds true for the san mateo bridge. and for the golden gate they have not configured the bridge spanning. they will be setting it up for the morning commute adding that the fourth lane. for the southbound. checking the fremont that northbound car accident at stevenson but the roadways sensors not even registering. and the 580 westbound is also delay- free and also through the of the months pass. the right for the south bay looking good with through the old amount pas th altamont pass also looking decent. >> katherine feinstein has announced her retirement. the 55 year old daughter of
4:49 am
diane feinstein was the presiding judge in the san francisco superior court. she has been on the bench for more than 12 years. feinstein said she is open to running for office after retirement. she is downplaying the possiblity of vying for her mother's seat if diane feinstein does not run in 20-18. >> a secret settlement has been reached in the dispute between thomas kinkade's widow and girlfriend over the late artist's multi- million dollar estate. it's unclear who will inherit kinkade's monte serrano mansion and his warehouse of paintings. the dispute between his widow nanette kinkade and amy pinto erupted after the artist's april 6 death, due to a mix of alcohol and valium. pinto began dating kinkade 6 months after his marriage of 28 years ended. she later produced two disputed handwritten wills which stated that kinkade would leave her $10 million and his home. and his home.
4:50 am
party. >> richmond has put the brakes on repairs using chromium 9.. it is insufficient in terms of the regulatory process. there are other steps that need to be taken. >> the approval of and the permits were not made last night but they are going to reconsider those at a later date. >> just in time it is ups. the peak shipping today will be today if it's the
4:51 am
busiest in history. that is about 300 parcels%. tomorrow is the deadline to make sure that your items could be are rived by christmas. >> the bay area roadways will also be more difficult however, travelers will often be leaving on friday, saturday, sunday and even monday. so, the holiday commute traveling days will be spread out over those four days. there is a 1% increase from last year. however, it is a very busy day expected. >> it's a christmas tree so
4:52 am
bizarre it might leave even santa perplexed. jeanne moos reports on a tree that seems to go though the roof. >> maybe if this person would of measure measured? >> that is crazy. however, it is not that this case. >> we bought a 14 for a tree and then we put their rest of it on top. >> your house is that the price of trees has gone through the roof. >> kruger, an architect has always been a big fan of the clark griswold holiday movie. >> that is kind of like what patrick krueger did. and
4:53 am
that is even what his license plate pace homage to the griswalds. and this plywood platform had to be bolted down to his roof. true, this is not a new concept in england, lincoln would, ill. there have been bigger versions of the same for versions. >> are you saying that it is better than this one? >> yours is a charlie brown aspect to it. what patrick needs and has is aching feet ki christmas tree and a nice regular one. zero stars that raises the ceiling instead of piercing it. ginnie -- jeanne moos see an end. >> that is clever. matt waback
4:54 am
waalso a doctor from will be on at 10:00 a.m.
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>> 4:55 your kron 4 7 day around the bay it is a cold start but we do have rainfall expected later. and even tonight but friday morning is likely when we are going to see showers from the bay. and the rain through the weekend before it finally, hopefully leighton's of a little bit for christmas. stay tuned. it could light up--it could light and ulike anthe latest ond
4:57 am
minute in association with the recent tragedy. >> " die young'... from ke $ha has been pulled from the radio... id is #3 on the hot 100. >> anjelina jolie is expected to direct a movie about a ww11 hero and the
4:58 am
the 39 actor has been a new parent! >> 4 moor >> there'll be four more children laid to rest at the connecticut tragedy. we will keep an eye on the the weather, and also the airport delays we will have your full forecast, coming up. (music)
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> top stories we are following on this thursday, december 20th. more parents will have to lay their own children to rest this morning as funerals continue in newtown, connecticut. today, new details about the shooting. >> the republicans moving forward with plan b in the house of representatives today. but the plan looks dead in the senate as the u.s. continues to move fiscal cliff >> tomorrow is the first day of winter.but it sure feels to get you more news faster, lets turn to kron four solo reporter jackie sissel who jackie? >> it is freezing, with temperatures well below the freezing mark. >> our team coverage continues in the weather center with erica and darya. >> 44 degrees in the san francisco. oakland, 41
5:03 am
degrees. it is cold and we will be in the mid upper 50s later this afternoon. the satellite and writer keeping a close eye on the wet weather. we will see an increase in cloud coverage for the day and that system will push south. let me walk you through futurecast. the friday morning commute in my next report >> as we take a look of the morning commute things are pretty quiet. no delays or hot spots or problems. in fact, let us take a look of the bay bridge. no delays on the approach is really light on the bridge spans. even highway no. 4, the westbound commute has not even started with no congestion, no delays for the of the month pas or for the antioch or -- altamonte pass
5:04 am
the gop-controlled house is moving ahead today on a bill that would raise taxes on people earning more than $1 million a year. it spares most workers from a tax hike but leaves in place painful budget cuts to the military and domestic agencies as "fiscal cliff" the move, dubbed "plan b" by republican house speaker john boehner, seems to be aimed at upping the year-end pressure on capitol hill democrats, but it looks to be a dead letter in the senate and earned a white house veto threat yesterday. obama dismissed plan b the consensus is that they will go over the fiscal cliff at the end of the year but they're hoping that a deal will get done with the current congress that will be ending january 3rd. if they will let it expire, then the congress will be able to say that they passed tax cuts. >> thank-you. vice president
5:05 am
joe biden will be meeting today with law enforcement officers from around the country. he's leading a task force that will look at ways of reducing gun violence. president barack obama is promising to send ideas to he's already pushing for lawmakers to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons, and close loopholes that allow gun buyers to avoid background checks. he also wants restrictions on high- capacity ammunition clips. >> nearly one week since the tragic shooting at an elementary school in newtown, connecticut, the community is coping with a steady stream of funeral processions. today, more children, including six-year-olds allison wyatt and catherine hubbard, will be laid to rest. yesterday newtown bid farewell to 27-year-old teacher victoria soto. paul simon, who is a family friend of the soto's, performed "the sound of silence" at her funeral. the tragedy has sparked a national debate over gun control, with president obama pledging to take action. a newly formed group, newtown united, is advocating what it calls
5:06 am
"sensible gun legislation." we have 20 children that are trying to point us the way, and if we don't follow their lead, we have failed them and their deaths are in vain. >> the day before her death, nancy lanza, the mother of the gunman, had just returned from a short trip alone to a luxury resort in new hampshire. friends say in recent years she felt comfortable about leaving her son adam at home >> police are investigating this materials this morning that were found stored in a san mateo home. police and fire officials detonated the materials found in the home in the 400 block of parrott drive. authorities say the materials were not stable to move without potential of explosion and evacuated the block while warning other residents. the san mateo county bomb squad was also called into the scene.
5:07 am
>> 5:05 this live look outside to the north and the golden gate bridge. a big drop on wall street. ?ñ
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5:10 am
>> welcome back. a big drop on wall street with growing concerns that a fiscal cliff deal before the the dow dropping 98 points yesterday. and the nasdaq & s&p also finishing in shares of general motors jumped nearly 7%, after the automaker announced it will re-purchase 200-million of its own shares from the treasury department by the end of this year. and the sell it's remaining gm shares in the next year and a half. the u.s. government will lose billions on its gm bailout. >> google is selling a part of its motorola mobility division for $2.35 billion to the arris group.
5:11 am
the sale involves the part of motorola that makes cable-tv boxes google will retain the rest of motorola mobility that makemputers. this comes 7 months after google completed its $12.4 billion purchase of motorola in the biggest acquisition in its 14-year history. >> coming up this morning,we'll get the latest reports on jobless claims and existing homes sales. >> a big fail for the toyota camry. america's most popular car fared poorly in this new front crash test by the insurance institute for highway safety. in the test, the camry's front wheel ended up bending the passenger compartment footwell inward. the steering was pushed so far off -- the airbags did *not deploy. the toyota prius -v- hybrid wagon didn't perform any better -- it also earned a "poor" rating. honda's accord sedan and the suzuki kizashi received the institutes top rating of "good" in the crash test.
5:12 am
>> it's showtime for u-p-s! the carrier says today's peak shipping day will be the busiest in its history. the men and women in brown will deliver 28 million packages in the u-s. that's about 300 parcels every second! tomorrow's the deadline to make sure your gifts arrive by christmas eve. 5:11 we will be back this is a live look to the approach. very quiet. things looking clear and concord, it is only 31 degrees. that is another cold one below 32 degrees. 56 degrees expected, later. (music)
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> it is chilly here
5:16 am
however, a strong storm is pounding the midwest this morning. take a look at this footage.from iowa, kansas and wisconsin. everybody is hunkered down. they are more concerned about the wind and this system with the and the snow. the driving conditions, not that many people out. they are definitely going to be trying to clear those roof and roads. >> mark is in the newsroom with impacting travelers today. this freeway in iowa has already been shut down. snowfall expected in madison. and also watching
5:17 am
traveling. for the faa impacting the midwest, with two or delays on arrivals into chicago/o'hare. the big hub for a united airlines. and also a united hub in san francisco, this could not, the worse time. last year, we have no major systems but this year could be a different story with this blizzard over the east coast for the next couple of days. >> with the wind, we have the own wind system with our forecast, erica. >> yes, james. by 10:00 p.m. tonight and 4:00 a.m., tomorrow that is certainly a cause for concern with downed trees and power lines. that is another system with the satellite &
5:18 am
radar. we can to this wet weather activity and that is eventually going to press towards the bay area. this cloud coverage could increase and mainly cloudy conditions for the rest of us and overnight it could pick up in intensity. just north of the golden gate bridge. everybody has the potential for showers. a messy commute on friday and the rainfall could pack up on friday towards the weekend. however, one that the system is said and done a leading 4-inches of north bay rainfall. and to remember, that is where we are expecting on the saturday morning to read more wet weather. saturday night towards sunday. this afternoon, mid-50s in the north bay. 59 in oakland.
5:19 am
and looks like 57 degrees will be common in sunnyvale and 56 in livermore. as we take a quick look at your weather headlines the rainfall and a wind advisory. the chance for showers continue with unstable with the exception of christmas and day we are expecting mostly sunny conditions. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay keeping your umbrella handy we can see that cloud coverage will keep us a bit warmer. 5:18 george? >> good morning. still a decent drive. no delays or hotspots. highway no. 4, and 580 a little bit slower to get started but not bad and a closer look at the bay
5:20 am
bridge. the westbound drive looking good and the approach is fine. the drive time is only nine minutes-11 minutes. from the nimitz or the maze and the san mateo bridge is also looking good. no delays for the golden gate 1 0 1 that there still reconfiguring deep rich span but no delays. and reconfiguring-the bridge spanned with a 12-minutes to hercules. 680 ha southbound from walnut creek pleasanton, dublin that no delays through the san ramon valley. and as i mentioned, 580 westbound from livermore towards dublin to towards castro valley no problems. and also the westbound also looking decent. towards cupertino.
5:21 am
the north bay ride also looking good visually watching with the caltran so far, no problems. possibly the santa cruz mountains could however see black ice. 5:20 we will be more. we will see it-more with sound rafael and marin county, san rafael of-5:19. 28 it degrees. we will have more coverage of the cool weather in just a few moments.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> 5:23 a marine veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars has taken up self- imposed duty in front of a central california elementary school to protect the kids. sergeant craig pusley stood all day yesterday in
5:25 am
fatigues in front of the flag pole at hughson elementary school, just southeast of modesto. he was not armed...he wanted to be sure all all children were safe. >> there is nothing that is going to stop me to keep these kids safe. waco was during my son and i was deployed at that time. >> he is the father of two children and he is expected to be back today children could go home safe pusley is the father of a 3 year old and his wife is expecting another child. the principal says he will be back today, the school's last day before holidayhe is the father of a 3- "when i enlisted, i swore to defend this country from all domestic," pusley said. >> a vigil tonight in san jose for the victims of last week's shooting in newtown,
5:26 am
connecticut. the event is being organized by supervisor dave cortese. he's partnered with several community groups to give residents the chance to share their thoughts and condolences on the tragedy. tonight's vigil starts at 6- 30 at the county government center on west hedding street in san jose. paper ornaments will also be placed on a holiday tree for the victims. that tree will be on display through the end of the year. >> the feds are beefing up privacy for children online. the new rules will make it tougher for children's personal data to be collected by mobile phone apps, smartphones and tablets. parents will also have greater control over information websites can collect from kids under 13. the federal trade commission says revisions to the 14-year-old children's online privacy protection act are necessary because of changes in technology. >> any of these stocks lets take a look at the top five worst. number 5. a bay area company. sunnyvale based amd. advanced micro devices. down 56 percent for the year. they laid off 10 percent of their workforce
5:27 am
this year. as the chip maker has been hurt by slumping pc sales. >> alpha natural reources is a mining company that bought massey energy. coal prices have been hurt by cheap natural gas. they are down 59%. >> supervalu operates several major grocery chains, including jewel- osco, save-a-lot and albertsons. they have been hit hard by wal-mart and target now carrying groceries. >> eastman kodak. the iconic photography company filed for bankruptcy this year. ironically the company that created digital photography. fell victim to it. as they weren't able to capatilize on it the way other companies were. >> and the biggest stock loser is nii holdings nextel's latin america business. losing customers at an alarming rate. who are now looking for internet access over walkie talkie style phones. >> 5:26 we will be back with
5:28 am
this cold morning. this live look at the golden gate deserted, nice and clear. marin county, towards novato.. 30's right now but 56, later. we will be right back. the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. (music) have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature.
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>> welcome back 5:29 is called out.cold-jackie he has bt for so many years. >> i was going to say that
5:31 am
it is expert, commentaries. a catholic, going to get that ice scraper out definitely --. there is a ice in the north bay. well below freezing. even temperatures were 26, earlier. definitely, colder than the last couple of days. the good news is that no wind or rain but you are going to have to put an extra layer of. >> yikes! i think that the wind was the difference to you feel any wind? >> there is no wind but i definitely had to scrape my >> let us compare the comparison with yesterday's weather and today. >> the north bay valleys and the east bay interior are similar. mid upper 20s.
5:32 am
certainly, a possibility with frost on your windshield. a frost advisory or freeze warnings not that bad for the other areas but for the heart of the bay, 43 degrees. 44 degrees in san francisco. it just depends on where you are located. a chilly start. but we are watching a mainly clear skies with the increase clouds for this afternoon. the north bay rainfall certainly a possibility and certainly that rainfall will press south later. potentially solve potentially south of the golden gate bridge. >> george? >> good morning. so far, looking decent. the san mateo bridge is problem- free. the quick commute check showing slow
5:33 am
conditions through antioch but still not bad. and also the altamonte pass and here is a live look from a madison, wisconsin. we're watching this major snowstorm slamming the midwest this morning. it's having a big impact on kron-4's will tran is live will? >> mark, you've showed wisconsin, and i just spoke to the to the manager at s f o. chicago could be a clue to out the day. check with your carrier. guess what their could be problems at sfo. tomorrow, is supposed to be the busiest day. if tomorrow is the busiest day? there could even be
5:34 am
busier today with lines all the way outside. and people are hoping to get to their destinations. donna, you thought that it would be easier by traveling today? >> i thought that i would get a job on the traffic but i did not get a job. everybody was thinking this signing think i was thinking. >> when you saw this. i was pretty surprised. >> i was very surprised i also draw all the time and this is not what i expected on a thursday. i am going to go to mississippi. i also travel all the time >> families, and it is a tradition that i go to mississippi >>reporter: william, you have that long faces to just get to be there. >> yes. i woke up at 4:00
5:35 am
a.m. and the flight is at 7:00 a.m. so we try to get here as fast as possible. hopefully, no delays in dallas. >>reporter: i think dallas is fine but there is so much happening in the midwest. let us hope that does not have an impact on your traveling. and have a great flight. where will be monitoring this all day. so far, everything is on time because all airlines are looking decent. however, that could change. >> we will keep monitoring any travel problems because the big midwest storms could impact trouble. >> yes. >> that could impact-- travel... later also today.
5:36 am
. we learned thatsheriff's deputies in santa clara are searching for the gunman. who fired shots at a marine recuiter's car on highway- 85 in cupertino. police shut down highway- 85 for hours after the car, driven by a marine, was stuck by gunfire. these are additional pictures from sky-7-h-d a- b-c-7 news. you can see lanes backed up in cupertino near de anza boulevard. although the car was shot multiple times, the recruiter was not hurt. >> i with his driving on the highway with the music. and i thought maybe five, seven shots, roughly. and i did not even bother to look i was scared and i stepped on the gasoline pedal. >> the marine continued south for about a mile before pulling over and calling 9-1-1. that sound may have been the shots that were fired at the marine on highway 85. the marine was in an but we're told he may have been followed from a gas >> and not too far away. sunnyvale police have called off the search for a burglary suspect. earlier their search resulted in a
5:37 am
school being locked down in cupertino. teams of officers with dogs. scoured a neighborhood off homestead road near cupertino village. for one of three suspects in connection with some recent home burglaries. two other men were arrested after a brief chase. police say they found jewelry and several wrapped car. raft-gifts were found in the caras a precaution, the "good samaritan church preschool" down for several hours. the church pastor says, the children were never in any danger. >> this is the senate foreign relations committee on the u.s. attack in benghazi. already if there have been four resignations of from this damaging report. the lack of security that led to the death of christopher stevens and
5:38 am
three others in benghazi. we are going to be listening to this and i will bring you new information we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news, continues. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> said your use among u.s. teenagers is on the decline. there has been a rise and marijuana use. the number of teenagers that said they smoked cigarettes in the prior 30 days fell to 10.6% this year from 11.7% in 2011. that is the lowest level recorded since 1975. >> new laws in california passed by california legislature and signed by the governor that go into effect on january 1st. there is a new deal by law, if someone is pulled over for driving under the influence suspected of drugs they no longer have the choice to take a urine test, blood
5:42 am
test only. california drivers will be allowed to text while driving but you have to use a boys operated technology and be handsfree. driverless cars are allowed as long as the driver is bonded and licensed. >> we will take a break at 5:41 a.m. and we have cold temperatures around the bay area. this is our roof camera that normally is unblinking, we will have to figure that out. it is kind of tough to tell. at that maybe the top of the trans america building. anyway, seven says the was 43 degrees right now and should warm up this afternoon. it
5:43 am
is cold, bundle up for it.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> wants gillette is out of washington and the gop- controlled house will support on a bill. plan b looked like it will pass the house but it is dead and the senate. president obama said he will veto it. heavy snow falling in the midwest, of blizzard conditions at o'hare and we have potential delays at sfo. it is expected to make its way across the united states. chilly weather in the bay area air at last left san rafael was 28 degrees. we are getting ready for the rain.
5:47 am
>> we have a lot of elements to talk about. it is freezing and vallejo. 32 out the door. as a cold start to the morning and livermore valervalley in the upper 20s. there was no frost advisory or freeze warning today. once we get temperatures we will see mid to upper 50s later this afternoon. increase cloud cover and satellite and radar is tracking a storm into the bay area. later on tonight we have a chance of showers for the north bay and then shipped south. it is a slow-moving system. saturday morning it
5:48 am
looks like 4 in. of rain for the north bay. when there is rain in the bay area it translates to snow in the sierra. a winter storm warning in effect tomorrow morning lasting until 4:00 a.m. on monday. 2 ft. of snow possible above 4,000 ft.. the majority of the snow will fall west of highway 89. wind speed is between 15 and 20 mi. an hour. keep your chains handy, a lot of snow is possible that you are headed in that direction. actor and highs in the bay area we will see some sunshine by cloud cover will increase ahead of the storm. 57 and fremont and milpitas 56 in mountain view. walnut creek 5856 in danville santa rosa
5:49 am
at 55, 54 in palo llama downtown san and cisco 56 degrees. 7 day around the bay this is probably your last really cold morning. the inland lows will dip into the low 40's in afternoon highs in the mid '50s. wet weather every day lasting until the weekend. tuesday christmas day will be a dry one under mostly sunny skies. >> still monitoring a pretty good ride around the bay area. we're not looking at any hot spots, major incidents or delays. we may have a light commute at the bay bridge. moving closer to the holidays we will see lighter traffic. the san mateo bridge ride is doing
5:50 am
very well, a 11 minute drive times. golden gate bridge the traffic is still very light in both directions. in the east bay 12 to 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley, 19 minutes for the san ramon valley commute and the westbound we see a little build up in traffic from the optima past and to livermore. still no major problems or read it showing up. no delays of 41 01 northbound out of the coyote valley. a little slowing just passed the 280 interchange in the 1 01 is still delay free from nevado to the golden gate bridge. >> a possible tornado hit in mobile alabama this morning.
5:51 am
there were people who had to be rescued from the brewerdebri >> a secret celibatsettlements between thomas kincaid's wife and girlfriend. maps to separate disputed wells were produced.
5:52 am
>> 89 women took the stage at the hard rock hotel and lost vegas. a 20 year-old boss of the boston university student beat out the other 88 contestants to take the title in las vegas. miss universe is ms. u.s. aid for the first time in a decade. staff and currie scored 23 of his 32 points in the second half. the warriors worst defense of outing out this season, shooting only 50 percent. there were 258
5:53 am
points scored in this game. sacramento beat the warriors 1312137. >> to infinity and beyond nasa has approved a space suit that looks a lot like a disney character. it is buzz light year! he is even striking the ball as posbuys az. they do not have the need for air locks which is why they developed this. it is improved radiation protection as well. they can stay on the surface of an
5:54 am
alien world for a longer period of time. i think they did that on purpose. >> we are going to take a quick break. traffic looks like it is moving well and temperatures are cold again this morning. where to jackets if you have them.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> bay area oairports and runways are expected to be less crowded because of the actual day of a weak christmas and new year's calls on. travel experts say the timing of the big day will spread out the crowds. since christmas and new
5:58 am
year's fall on a tuesday travelers can travel over friday saturday and sunday and even monday. as al is expected to have 2 million travelers to pass through its terminals between now and january 6th. that is is a 1 percent increase over last year but it's the busiest holiday it season ever sfo. >> dealing with cold weather as we expect another storm to come up. live at as f o because we're expecting delays due to the midwest storm. we will have the latest for you when the kron4 news returns in just two minutes.
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